Small Businesses

Direct Primary Care for Your Employees

With River Valley Health Direct Care for business option, it may be possible for you to help provide healthcare to your employees at a more affordable rate or earn back the out-of-pocket expenses you would otherwise pay. We can also provide services for those who are unable to be insured, including migrant workers. Statistically, using this model of care, employees have fewer sick days, and fewer hospital and ER admissions and can therefore be more productive members of your team. They no longer must miss work for a last-minute appointment.

Per Washington State law for Direct Primary Care practices, we cannot contract directly with your business, BUT you may pay the membership dues for your employees with the option of paying for their family. This can be a great benefit for your employees and in the end, save your company money.

Membership does NOT mean this is insurance or comprehensive coverage, so it is strongly advised for you and/or your employees to look for reasonable, low cost but high-deductible coverage for hospitalizations, ER visits, or high-cost healthcare. Our plan only covers care provided at our clinic

If you would like to schedule a meeting to go over membership benefits and how this model could save you money, please contact us.

Included Services:

  • Pre-employment history and physical
  • Primary care and wellness
  • Same-day timely acute visits
  • No fees for paperwork associated with the job
  • Point of care labs, including COVID-19 testing
  • Send our labs and radiology orders
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Discounted medications