Payment options

Starting January 1, 2023
We will no longer submit claims to insurance.

We will not be billing insurance after 1/1/23. An itemized receipt will be provided at the time of service, which patients may be able to submit for reimbursement depending on their insurance. However, we do not guarantee all insurances will provide reimbursement, and will we not submit or change any information after receipts are printed. We will no longer interact with insurances in any way.


Simple Visit


  • Normally 20 minutes
  • Includes 1 POC test (non PCR) if needed, like a urinalysis or an Antigen Covid test for example
  • (any additional testing or procedure is charged separately)

Complex Visit


  • Complex primary and walk-in care
  • Normally 30-40 minutes
  • Includes 2 POC tests (like urinalysis and cholesterol for example) or 1 PCR test if needed
  • (any additional testing or procedure is charged separately)


$80 /month

  • Normally 15 minutes (video or call)
  • Can cover acute care, primary care or wellness

Wellness Visit


  • Normally 20 minutes
  • Weight Loss
  • General Wellness
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Testosterone
  • Anti-Aging

Sports Physicals


Work Physicals/screenings

$80 /month

  • Procedures and treatment are charged separately